Frequently Asked Questions


If we are looking for an item that does not appear on your products list, can you still source it?
Yes, and since our network of sources spans the globe, odds are that we can find the product you require, even if it is not in our regular sphere of activity.
How do we get started if we are interested in purchasing from L.E.B.?
After receiving your specific inquiry via e-mail or fax, we will quote within 48 hours. Our offer will detail terms of shipment, payment, product code, ship date, and any other pertinent information.
How can we be sure that L.E.B. will provide the same (or better) level of service we've been accustomed to, including product quality, price, etc?
We have enjoyed a reputation of integrity, efficiency, and resourcefulness for over 35 years now, and can even provide references from firms that have been dealing with us over this extensive period of time. We have an excellent track record in our industry.
What is the procedure to become a sales agent for L.E.B?
If we do not yet have an exclusive sales agent in your country, we will ask for a detailed resume, as well as your outlook and plan for how we can expand sales into your market. It is of course preferable, but not mandatory, that you have experience in international trade and handling some of the products we sell. We work with all of our sales agents on a commission basis, and are always seeking hard-working, ambitious, and success oriented agents interested in working with us as part of our team. Some of our reps have been with us for more than 30 years. We consider our agents to be true business partners.
What is the procedure to get approved by L.E.B for open credit terms?
We initially ask for your company’s latest financial statements if available, so that we can submit them to our export insurance company. Our insurers review the financials over a period of 1-2 weeks, and then advise us of their decision to approve open credit terms or not, as well as the exact credit limit amount approved. Of course, if there are any issues, we also offer other viable payment terms – L/C, CAD, etc.
Who do I contact at L.E.B to discuss potential business opportunities, either as a supplier, sales rep, or customer?
Initially, you can email us at or call our office at 954-966-5630. Your inquiry will be given to the person in our office that handles your market and/or products of interest. Our staff is very versatile and attentive, and you will find our team to be both efficient and knowledgeable as well. As we are not a huge monolithic company with a bureaucratic business structure, but instead are a family owned business, you get quick answers and 24/7 service.